Solbern has been providing innovative solutions to the Food Processing Industry for nearly 60 years. Our line of Container Filling Equipment enjoys a reputation for durability and unparalleled fill accuracy. Solbern Fillers are used worldwide for canning fruits, vegetables, grains, pickle products, mushrooms, spices, snacks and delicate products. Our high-speed fillers for non-carbonated beverages can fill aluminum cans at rates of up 1,400 cans per minute. Our filling expertise extends to the Pickle Industry, which has benefited from equipment innovations such as, Pickle Packers, Automatic Spear Packers, Spear Cutters, and Automatic Slab Slicer & Filler.
Solbern is also a dominant player in Prepared Foods supplying equipment to automate the folding and or rolling of products such as burritos, egg rolls, taquitos, blintzes and other dough based wrapped products. With over 160 lanes currently producing these products worldwide, Solbern’s position in this field is unmatched. We work with our customers to supply equipment that consistently produces a superior quality and uniform size product. This advantage, combined with labor reduction, empowers our customers with the competitive edge necessary to succeed in┬áthe highly competitive food industry.

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