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With experience gained over more than 100 years, Tromp Group is your partner for integrated systems for the baking industry. The Tromp Group consists of three brands: Tromp Sheeting & Depositing Systems, VanderPol Waffle Systems and Den Boer Baking Systems, the Group provides world-wide sales, service and food technology support.

The focus is on the following product groups:

  • Cakes & Muffins
  • Pizzas (Baked, Topped)
  • Waffles and Funcakes
  • Sheeted Breads
  • Pastry & Laminated Doughs
  • Pies

At the Test and Innovation Center from Tromp Group, customers are able to work with a team of food technologists and engineers to test recipes and new product concepts on the facility’s complete production line. Tromp Group customers can produce a wide range of products from flatbreads, baguettes, artisan breads and pizzas to multi-textured or multi-flavored cookies, layer cakes, pies, cupcakes, muffins, puff pastry, Danish or other sweet snacks.

VanderPol also offers an Innovation Center that has been specially designed to help and assist our customers in developing the highest quality products on the latest technological Waffle and Fun Cake equipment in the industry. Our customers know the products they want to produce and within our Innovation Center we can prove that production is technically possible. We will help develop the process for producing the highest quality products at the speeds you require.

Contact Us:

Richard van Heukelum, President


Phone: +31 643270372