KwikTrip’s Vertically Integrated Bakery Operation Means Business In The C-Store Game

On the bread side, three 2,000-lb AMF vertical mixers feed one AMF makeup line that produces a variety of bread loaves at an astonishing rate for 1-lb loaves: 225 per minute. “We broke the record for AMF,” Mr. Reimer proclaimed. “Their old record was around 209, and I said, “We can go faster than that.” The three pocket divider cuts 75 per minute per pocket, and dough balls are weighed by a BSI system that rejects any that are out of spec and reintroduces the dough back into the process. In all, the operation produces around 18,000 lb of bread per hour. “It’s pretty impressive when all of a sudden you see how many loaves of bread we made,” Mr. Reimer said.

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