New RBSConnect Platform Expands Capabilities and Service Level Offerings

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of snack production systems, announced the expansion of capabilities and services offered by RBSConnect, their proprietary Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.

It’s an exciting blend of manufacturing automation, intelligence and analytics.

RBSConnect from Reading Bakery Systems provides the latest in innovative, custom designed control systems. RBSConnect facilitates better communication, coordination of the operations and the ability to collect and analyze data. These systems allow you to monitor real-time information, as well as provide you with preventative maintenance information, key performance indicators, alarm history and trending. This information will help you replace parts and discover potential machine problems before they result in costly downtime.

“RBSConnect offers a full suite of innovative solutions to empower customers to maximize their system controls, optimization and management. It’s an exciting blend of manufacturing automation, intelligence and analytics. Resulting in customers achieving tomorrow’s baking systems performance goals, today.” said Shawn Moye Vice President of Sales, RBS.

RBSConnect offers two service levels designed for varying operational sizes and sophistication. The platform provides a full suite of IIoT capabilities “out of the box” for traditional baking requirements as well as RBSConnect 2.0 for companies with more advanced operational needs.

RBS assembles all control systems in-house and handles every phase of the project from architecture through installation and commissioning; a true IIoT turnkey solution.