RBS introduces the Emithermic Oven Zone

Commercial bakers now have greater flexibility and control when baking biscuits and cookies.

Reading Bakery Systems introduces the new PRISM Emithermic Oven Zone.  This new design offers radiant and convective heat, and a humidity controlled product zone directly surrounding the product while baking.  This provides bakers with greater control over product development and spread, particularly when baking cookies and biscuits.

“Our new oven design is more efficient than traditional recirculating heat and cyclothermic oven zones,” said David Kuipers, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at RBS.  “SCORPION profiling of the baking process shows we have achieved a more balanced bake, better energy efficiency, and more effective use of radiant heat in the baking process.  It’s simply an easier oven to control across a variety of products.”

The recipe-driven startup and automated controls guarantee consistent quality and make it easy to bake different products on the same line.

The PRISM Emithermic Oven Zone also offers new exclusive Thermatec high-radiant panels for effectively delivering radiant heat energy to the product.  PRISM Ovens are shipped from RBS’ USA factory in prebuilt modules for faster installation to ensure quality and minimize bakery downtime during installation.