AMF Tromp Opens Test & Innovation Center

November 2013 – Tromp Bakery Equipment, now AMF Tromp, moved to a much larger facility at the same industrial estate in Gorinchem, The Netherlands. One of the novelties is the completely new Test- and Innovation Center designed specifically to further develop products of business associates on the most modern production equipment within the baking industry. This center fits into the Tromp’s philosophy to work together with its clients even more and even better at an early stage in their innovative work.

The new Test- and Innovation Center is among other things equipped with a complete multifunctional Tromp production line. Apart from that there is a modern dough making section where dough is produced according to client specification. By means of refrigeration, freezing and proofing equipment the dough is conditioned and baked in one of the available test ovens.

The completely new Test- and Innovation Center offers business associates of Tromp to further develop products together with our professionals. Testing, adjusting, consulting and optimizing. Working together with specialists in the bread and pastry production who only think of and contribute to innovation and further product development.

All this in a realistic production area of nearly 1.000 m².

We cordially invite those interested to visit us and to discuss what we can do form them in terms of product development and improvement of production methods.

Visit the website of the Test- and Innovation Center