Waffle production lines: quality first

Tromp Group, headquarter located in The Netherlands, consists of three companies: Tromp Bakery Equipment, VanderPol Waffle Systems and Den Boer Baking Systems. The Company is part of Markel Food Group and is specialist in Turnkey projects for the Bakery Industry.

Besides complete Turnkey Waffle and Funcake lines we are able to produce production lines for Sheeted Bread, Pizza, Cake & Pie and Pastry products.

VanderPol Waffle Systems is market leader for Waffle and Funcake production lines. With many years (as from 1881) the Company is able to manufacture optimal Waffle and Funcake production lines to meet all the needs and requirements of the clients’ all over the World.

In the Waffle program we have production lines for Hard dough/yeast waffles, Soft dough waffles Caramel waffles, Funcake and Pancakes/Crepes. The process in the way to a perfect final product for our customers is highly depending on the specifications from that product.

The different sorts of products
Hard dough waffles for example are found in a wide variety: consider a nice butter crisp or Galette, plain with the traditional waffle pattern or including a Company logo.

Talking about a Soft dough waffle there are possibilities to produce them with decoration, sandwiched waffles or filled waffles are possible.

The Dutch Syrup/Caramel waffle is a traditional product and nowadays worldwide known. The bite and great taste make this product unique.

Funcakes lines are developed to produce bake stable fillings including custom made shapes. Sweet and savoury fillings are possible.

Pancakes and crepes are superb. Thin crepes can be eaten plain or filled and rolled after baking. Other possibilities include baking with a centre filling and the traditional American pancake.

Engineering and feeling
In co-operation with our client we always design the right machine around the product. Engineering, designing, market knowledge and optimum feeling with the baking process is necessary and will bring the success.

In our range of Waffle production lines the capacity is from 2.800 pcs/h up till 50.000 pcs/h. Always depending on the product size and shape of the product.
Furthermore, in general, there is no specific standard ingredients list for the different products. Also here highly depending on the product type and quality. Also the composition of ingredients can be different in several parts of the world.

Differences and challenges
The main difference among Soft dough waffles, Hard dough waffles and American pancakes is the bite and the texture of the final baked products.

The challenges in Waffle production and how to overrun these are, in our vision, a combination of working with highly developed production lines, the best ingredients and motivated and skilled working people is the complete process.

No coating needed
The production lines from Tromp Group are developed in a specific way that there is no coating needed.

VanderPol Waffle Systems is the production facility for the Waffle and Funcake lines. The engineers and developers are focussing on building the perfect production line.
Clients all over the world appreciate the low maintenance costs, the easy clean ability and the energy savings. And that’s what counts!

About the author
Pieter Doornbos is Product Sales Director at VanderPol Waffle Systems and is working since 1996 in the Baking Industry. Well known with all types of production lines for the Waffle and Funcake Industry.